What is a Cadet?

The mission of the Fire Cadet Program is to provide a youth program that will develop future firefighters and emergency medical providers. The program, sponsored by the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association Fire Cadet Section, is dedicated to "Home Growing Our Own" by ensuring the leaders of each local program have the resources to provide purposeful training in fire, emergency medicine and leadership development. 

The goal for the Clermont Fire Department is to provide a program that will provide the youth in our community an opportunity to become mature young adults with good leadership and decision-making skills. 

Clermont Fire Department Cadet Post 600 is open to young adults between the ages of 14 and 21 and at least in the ninth grade. Members must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average in order to remain active in Cadet Post activities. 

Firefighters, Paramedics and other adult staff over age 21 oversee the Cadet Program in the capacity of Cadet Advisors. Cadets attend training sessions related to fire and EMS and may be eligible to compete in Firematics competitions across the state. Some Post 600 members have completed training for certification as Firefighter II and Emergency Medical Technician while still enrolled in their senior year of high school, making them immediately eligible for employment as a full-time firefighter upon receiving their high school diploma. William Harrison, Fire Marshal, supervises the Fire Cadet Post. For more information, please call 352-241-2212.

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