Hiawatha Educational Programs

Throughout the year there are educational programs of varying topics offered at Lake Hiawatha Park for no cost. Check back for our upcoming program options and information! 

For questions about volunteering or field trips please contact Amy Dingman, at (352)708-5994. 

hiawatha pic astronomy

Astronomy in the Park - Nov. 4 2021 

Representative from the Central Florida Astronomical Society to bring telescopes to Hiawatha for the public to view the stars, etc. The representative will be there to answer any questions and give information about basic astronomy knowledge, give advice for someone new to the hobby/study, as well as just basic information on when it's best to star gaze, etc. We asked for RSVP's to have an idea of how many volunteers were needed. 

hiawatha arbor day

ARbor day - Jan. 22, 2022

Tree Giveaway, 1,000 Slash pine Seedlings and 350 Bald Cypress Trees from Cherry Lake Tree Farm 

hiawatha photography workshop

hiawatha play outside day

hiawatha tai chi

hiawatha yappy hour

Nature photography Workship - Jan. 29, 2022

Citizens learned about nature photography composition within our beautiful preserve on a chilly morning. 

National play outside day - Mar. 5, 2022

Playing outdoors is a freeing activity. It frees us from routines, enclosed spaces and frames of mind. Outdoor play provides terrific physical activity for our bodies. Our hearts pump fresh oxygen to our limbs and brains. When you play outside every month, it becomes habit forming and this a good habit to have! 

TAi Chi in the park - April 9, 2022

Practicing Tai Chi and Qigong in natural surroundings provides great benefits, boosting our energy, reducing stress and accelerating the healing process. 

Yappy hour - June 25, 2022

Citizens learned about fostering pets from South Lake Animal League.