Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery


801 East Avenue
Clermont FL 34711

Cemetery Spaces

  • $700 Per Space - Clermont Residents
  • $1,400 Per Space - Non-Residents

Cremorial Niches

  • $500 Single Interment - Clermont Residents
  • $1,200 Single Interment - Non-Residents
  • $900 Double Interment - Clermont Residents
  • $2,100 Double Interment - Non-Residents

Columbarium (see note)

  • $700 - Clermont Resident
  • $1,400 - Non Resident

The residential rates are applicable, if:

  1. The individual's name that appears on the cemetery space/cremorial niche deed is a City resident, or
  2. The person to be interred is a City resident.
  3. City resident is an individual, whose primary residence at the time of purchase or death, is within the municipal boundaries of the City of Clermont.

(note) Additional Fees will be assessed for engraving. Please contact the City Clerk's Office to receive pricing information.

Purchasing Process

While prospective purchasers are always welcome as walk-ins to the City Clerk's Office, we highly suggest making an appointment prior to your visit.

Before completing the purchasing paperwork, prospective purchasers are required to go to Oak Hill Cemetery and meet with on-site staff to preview available sites. By making an appointment, the City Clerk staff can notify the on-site staff of your arrival, so that they can be ready to help you choose the appropriate space and location for yourself or your loved one.

Appointments can be made by contacting Municipal Records Specialist Paola Vasquez at 352-241-7331.

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