Professional Standards

The Clermont Police Department is dedicated to performing its duty to the public interest with openness and transparency. To this end, Professional Standards Division is tasked with following up with citizen complaints, investigating matters of concern, and ensuring that the standards of conduct and professionalism set forth in the core values of our agency are upheld by its members.

Accreditation Management

The Professional Standards supervisor also oversees accreditation and related functions. As a Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc. (CFA) accredited agency, the Clermont Police Department must keep diligent records and ensure that we are in compliance with the latest accreditation standards.

Records Management

The Records Division is responsible for the retention, integrity, distribution, and disposal of police records in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Their duties include responses to public records requests and the compilation of statistical data for submission to the Uniform Crime Reporting System, a program operated by the FBI.

To request a copy of a police report, please visit our public records request service at JUSTFOIA.

Use of Force Policy