Support Services

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of five detectives tasked with conducting investigations into cases reported to the department that require more time, resources, or specialized investigative techniques than are available to the uniformed patrol officers. Detectives contact victims, witnesses, and suspects, gather evidence and details, and endeavor to see cases through to a successful conclusion.

Crime Scene & Evidence Custodian

The crime scene and evidence personnel at CPD assist uniformed officers and detectives to identify and collect evidence, photograph scenes, and ensure that items of evidentiary value are preserved to the standards set forth by Florida Statute and accreditation standards.

Honor Guard

The Clermont Police Honor Guard serves as the ceremonial agent for the Clermont Police Department and the City of Clermont. Members of the Clermont Police Honor Guard choose to represent the Police Department in a most-prestigious unit, which is designed to provide the department with a well-trained ceremonial unit to render honors, preserve tradition, stimulate esprit-de-corps, and instill pride.

The Honor Guard provides funeral honors for the department's employees, retirees, and duty-related deaths of law enforcement officers throughout the area. The role of the Honor Guard has further expanded to include both governmental and civic ceremonies and special events.