Administrative Services Bureau

Community Services Division

The Community Services Division focuses on partnering with the community to establish a working relationship between members of the public and law enforcement in order to develop strategies for reducing crime and solving local problems. This involves consistent, personal engagement with the community and outreach in the form of events and initiatives aimed at increasing the quality of life for residents of our city.

School Resource Division

The School Resource Division of the Clermont Police Department was created in response to new legislation enacted in the State of Florida in 2018 which addressed the growing need for increased safety and emergency preparedness in Florida schools. The members of this division are assigned to local schools and are involved in educating the faculty and students in regards to emergency response procedures while providing for the daily safety and security needs on campus.

Recruiting & Training Division

The Recruiting Division is tasked with identifying, screening, and hiring the best and the brightest to become the newest additions to the Clermont Police Department family. These officers conduct interviews, complete thorough background investigations, and attend recruiting events in an effort to maintain staffing levels at the department as the city grows and changes.

The Training Division is responsible for providing ongoing instruction to department members regarding the latest developments in law enforcement strategies, tactics, and legislation. The division provides training in firearms, defensive tactics, law enforcement vehicle operations, legal updates, and is also responsible for the assignment and monitoring of new officers and their field trainers in the Field Training Program.