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The City of Clermont Police Department Facebook page is for informational use only. Anyone requiring a response from the City or wish to request City services should contact the City of Clermont via telephone or electronic mail.

Under Florida law, the City of Clermont Police Department Facebook page was established for municipal purposes of communicating City business, and apprising City residents of upcoming events regarding the Clermont Police Department.

Accordingly, only friend requests from individual persons will be accepted. The City will not accept a friend request from a business, organization or other person or entity representing themselves or itself as a political message or advertisement. To the extent that current friends post any political message or advertising, or any profile is changed to reflect any political message or advertising, the City neither endorses nor advocates such message or advertising.

All content on the City's Facebook page are subject to the public records law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. By becoming a friend of the City of Clermont, your information will be a matter of public record. The City is required to retain this information in accordance with the State of Florida schedule. This may include information on your own Facebook page. All comments will be maintained for a minimum of 30 days after a forum has ended.

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