FEMA Floodzones

In 2012 FEMA updated the Lake County Flood Maps. If FEMA's updated map shows that your property or a structure is in a Special Flood Hazard Area and you believe this is in error you can apply for a Letter of Map Amendment to obtain an official FEMA determination. Call FEMA toll-free at 877-336-2627 for assistance, or follow the instructions below.

FEMA's web-based application offers many advantages over the traditional paper-based request process: applicants may save information online and finish applying at their convenience, it eliminates mailing time associated with paper-based submissions by routing all correspondence via email, and requestors can check their application status in real-time by logging into their account.

Once you have initially registered to use the service, please select Create Amendment Application to begin. A tutorial is provided at Online LOMC Tutorial for Amendments to assist you with submitting your application.

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