Code of Ethics

The City is committed to a purchasing process which fosters fair and open competition, is conducted under the highest ethical standards, and enjoys the complete confidence of the public. To achieve these purposes, the City subscribes to the following code of ethics:

  • The City will avoid unfair practices by granting all competitive respondents equal consideration insofar as State, Federal, and City regulations require.
  • The City will conduct business in good faith; demanding honesty and ethical practices from all participants in the purchasing process.
  • The City will promote positive respondent and contractor relationships by affording respondent representatives courteous, fair, and ethical treatment.
  • The City will make every reasonable effort to negotiate equitable and mutually agreeable settlements of controversies with a respondent.
  • The City will avoid involvement in any transactions or activities that could be considered to be a conflict between personal interest and the interests of the City.

Employees must not become obligated to any suppliers and must not participate in any City transaction from which they may personally benefit. Except as may be authorized by applicable State law, no Council Member or employee must accept gifts or benefits of any kind from prospective bidders, vendors, or suppliers.

Except as may be authorized by applicable State law, no Council Member or employee must bid for, enter into, or be in any manner interested in any contract for city purchase.

No Council Member or employee must seek to influence the purchase of a product or service from any supplier or vendor. This restriction must not be construed to restrict persons from evaluating and appraising the quality and value of the product to be purchased, or service to be rendered where the person's scope of employment contemplates advice and counsel with respect to the purchase.

The avoidance of actual or perceived conflicts of interest is a prerequisite to the efficient and sound operation of the city and the maintenance of public trust.