Water / Wastewater

Water TowerWater


The City of Clermont provides an average of more than 225 million gallons of water to its customers each month.


City of Clermont's Water System has received 8 awards for Plant Operations Excellence Award from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's in recognition of outstanding water treatment plant operation, maintenance and compliance.


The water comes from the Floridan Aquifer, which lies deep below the surface and is replenished mainly by rainwater. This "groundwater" comes from one of our eight wells throughout the City. These wells have a combined capacity of 12 million gallons per day.


Groundwater is typically of a high quality, requiring only disinfection with chlorine prior to distribution to our customers. The City of Clermont routinely monitors our drinking water. In addition, state-certified personnel work 365 days a year to monitor and protect our drinking water and its integrity. For more information on water quality, refer to the Consumer Confidence Reports below.


The City of Clermont works to maintain the integrity of drinking water after it leaves the treatment facility. This is done through continuing maintenance and repair to pipes, valves, hydrants, and meters that are part of our extensive water distribution system. About 581 miles of water pipelines are inspected and maintained by the City each year! This number includes 255 miles of potable water pipes and 85 miles of reuse water pipes.

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Waste Water PlantWASTEWATER


The City of Clermont operates one wastewater treatment facility with a combined treatment capacity of 4 million gallons per day. After a combination of physical, biological, and chemical treatment, wastewater leaves the plant as an environmentally friendly effluent. The City currently provides an average of three million gallons per day of reclaimed water for irrigation to residents and golf courses.

You can refer to our Reuse Information page on this website for more information on this topic.


The City of Clermont maintains 87 lift stations and 186 miles of piping, including 55 miles of force mains, that are part of our extensive collection system. The City cleans sewer lines, repairs damaged pipes, and maintains lift stations, where wastewater is collected and pumped through a series of pipes and other lift station before reaching the treatment plant.

Water / Wastewater Plant Expansion

With the expansion of the Water / Wastewater Plant the City of Clermont will be able to go from the treatment of 4 million gallons per day to 6.5 million gallons per day. This will also allow for adding 3 million gallons of ground storage for potable water.  This expansion puts the 2 Lower Floridian Aquifer Wells that were constructed in 2016 in service.  This project has been approved and is currently ongoing.