stormwater 2The City of Clermont Stormwater Division maintains 88 miles of Stormwater pipe and drains and 64 basins/retention ponds.

The Stormwater Division helps to maintain all of the stormwater runoff to Clermont's lakes to ensure that public freshwater resources are maintained to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) standards for the State of Florida. With proper maintenance and treatment of the City's stormwater system and runoff into the public freshwater areas, everyone can continue to enjoy the natural beauty here in Clermont. The Stormwater Division is also responsible for operating the street sweeper vehicle to maintain clean streets as well as  mowing the retention basins.

Homeowners can help prevent polluted runoff by using fertilizers and chemicals sparingly, maintaining septic systems and picking up pet waste. It is also helpful to prevent drain blockages by keeping grass clippings, leaves and branches away from stormwater drains.

Potential Sources of Stormwater Pollutants:

  • Soil Erosion and transfer of sediment
  • Air blown debris and particulates
  • Construction debris
  • Garbage/Litter
  • Excessive amounts of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Pier at a lakeAutomotive products and services
  • Improperly disposing of pet waste
  • Inefficient use of irrigation water
  • Improper disposal of household toxics
  • Illegal dumping of household waste
  • Truck washout
  • Oil and grease
  • Construction chemicals
  • Improper disposal of grass and lawn clippings

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