Zoning Division & Business Tax

"How" a property can be used is determined through Zoning. The City's Land Development Code (LDC) provides specific development criteria. The review of development plans, zoning guidelines, sign criteria, variances, landscaping standards, and most other aspects related to the development of property are governed by the City's LDC

Building Improvement Process

Are You Planning on Making Improvements to Your Home, Business, or Property?

If your home, business or property is located within the city limits of Clermont, you will be required to obtain Zoning Approval and a Building Permit prior to starting your project. The Zoning approval verifies the city regulations have been met. Once you have obtained Zoning Approval, you may proceed in submitting your Building Permit.

Local Business Tax Receipt

Building Services issues business tax receipts to those having a commercial and/or residential business within the city limits of Clermont.

Anyone desiring to engage in a business in Clermont, whether in a commercial zone or from home, is required to pay for and obtain a Business Tax Receipt from the City of Clermont. Operating a business in the City without a Business Tax Receipt can result in a penalty, surcharge and applicable delinquent charges.

Prior to applying and paying for a Business Tax Receipt, it should be determined:

  1. If the skill/trade or business requires Federal and/or State certification/inspection and obtain the necessary proof.
  2. If the business name will be different than your legal given name, it is required that the name is registered with the Florida Division of Corporations and provide proof that the registration is active.
  3. Home occupations additionally are required to provide proof of residency at the location where the business will be operating from.
  4. Home businesses must be aware of possible limitations. Please ask Building Services staff before submittals to make sure you can adhere to these conditions.
  5. Business may be required to have a Life Safety Inspection (minimum $227) prior to occupancy. The Fire Inspector will inspect the unit/building to verify that it is code compliant. This does not apply to home based businesses (other than residential care homes).

Details on obtaining a City Business Tax Receipt can be provided by contacting Building Services at 352-241-7300 or 352-241-7306.

Businesses must have a Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as Occupational License) prior to opening a business in Clermont.

The application must be filled out, signed (original signatures) and submitted with proof of registration for a corporation, LLC, etc. and proof of fictitious name filing. You can submit in person or submit documents via email to Business Tax Receipts.